Oral Presentation The Joint Annual Scientific Meetings of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology 2017

Endocrine disorders in pregnancy (#50)

Carolyn Allan 1
  1. Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Clayton, VIC, Australia

Many chronic endocrine disorders are diagnosed in women of child bearing age. This has implications for fertility and pregnancy, and both the disease process and its treatment may impact mother and fetus. Additionally, interpretation of hormonal parametres may be altered in pregnancy potentially confounding the new diagnosis of an endocrine disorder as well as influencing the ongoing surveillance of known conditions.

This review will focus on the management of non-diabetic, non-thyroid endocrine diseases in pregnancy with emphasis on pre-conception management of established endocrine conditions in women planning for pregnancy. The diagnosis of endocrine disorders which may present for the first time in pregnancy will also be considered.